Project Director Conference 2012

Conference of the Project Directors/Chief Executive Officers of the DRDAs-2012

Venue: Vigyan Bhavan,New Delhi

Date: 9th & 10th July -2012


Ministry of Rural development is organising the Project Directors(PDs) conference on 9th & 12th July,2012 at Vigyan Bhavan,New Delhi.


To provide a platform for interaction , sharing of experience and information , and education of PDs/Chief Executive Officer of DRDAs on Rural Development programme.

What this site does:

This site provides all information about the conference i.e. Letters sent by Ministry, Schedule, Grouping of States, Day-to-day progress, Proceedings of conference, outcomes and is capable of collecting information regarding the success / failure stories, best / worst practices and other messages / documents. PDs can send their material in advance so that all this information can be reviewed, scrutinized and documented for use in the conference and in future

How to use the site :

PDs/CEOs can send Online messages/documents to The Ministry officials and vice versa with the help of the message box. You can add your messages by clicking on to the Add message button. To your messages you can even attach your files. These files can be a small message ,a big success story, an audio/Video file or a movie stored on your computer. The steps to be followed are:

  1. To add message click Add Message button.
  2. A screen titled Enter your messages will appear.
  3. Write your email address in the box in front of From :.
  4. Write email address of the person to whom you want to send the email, in the box in front of To :. For sending message to The Ministry you can use
  5. Enter the subject in the box in front of Subject :
  6. Enter the message.
  7. Attach the file by clicking the Browse button .As you click the Browse button the system will show you the screen through which you can choose the file to be attached by selecting the right Directory and right filename.
  8. Press Submit to send the message

For Suggestion's Contact : Mrs.Renuka Kumar(Dy.Secy DRDA) Ph : 011-24122935)